Summer of Me-Learning

The summer of Me-Learning begins soon, and I’ve chosen my accessories: comfortable clothing, thermal drink container, and my tablet. Summer of Me-Learning apparel

I love my students, I really do! But the excitement of having my own schedule is hard to deny. I value the summertime for my personal learning trek into technology.  The school year is a mad scramble to remain current while providing technology practices and tools for the students. When summer peeks on the horizon, I start itemizing a list of topics and activities I want to pursue. Here are a few:

Moodle’s updated LMS (v2.2), which provides some new features not found in our current version at school. All of our new high school courses have to be designed and uploaded, teachers have to be trained in its use, and ePortfolios must set up for enrolled students. The new version is mobile friendly and promises to be our salvation in the transition to tablet-and-paperless classrooms.

Apps for Droid and iPad tablets are incredibly diverse and available for all kinds of educational uses. My job is to find as many resources as possible for educators.

FlippedTextbook offers a new kind of LMS/CMS. Built with Drupal, the new design is interactive with formative assessments built right into the textbook pages and the integrated rubrics are flexible for author design. It looks promising and my initial FTb will be for the staff to learn proven technology practices and current tools.


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