Ed Talks

Sir Ken Robinson – Educating the Heart and Mind

You can’t listen to Sir Ken and not be entertained with his humor. But his message always strikes a deep chord. Personalized learning must be supported with time and effort. Funding by standardized tests take away from that process and “take for granted” that understanding and learning is the same for everyone. He discusses the plague of ADHD and how it’s emergence as an “epidemic” merely points back to the idea that our education system is arrested with conformity rather than individuality.

The nuggets I take from his talk:

“A lot of what I’ve been arguing is for a more thorough-going principle of diversity in education. Human life thrives on diversity and our education systems are modeled, ironically, on the principle of conformity.”

“Most people have no idea what they’re capable of.”

“Every school should be different and great; every classroom should be different and great.”

“We can engage the world in many different ways than in our current system in education.”

“We spend a great deal of time getting our children to focus on the external world, giving them information and data…Our educational systems are turned towards the outer world, when what kids desperately need is time to look inward.”

“We have two big challenges in education. One of them is to have a more unified conception of what it is to be a person. One that recognizes that feeling and knowing are part of the whole complex of being human.”

“We have to recognize that education is personal…all the remedial programs in education are based on personal learning.”

“The arts are one of the prime ways in which we negotiate our own understanding of ourselves and the world around us…The arts should be in the center, alongside with the humanities and the sciences and the physical activities.”


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