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iPad Implementation 2

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This week offered us our first (slight) stumbling block with publication companies and Apple devices.

A couple weeks ago, the principal asked teachers to peruse iBook offerings in Apple’s iTunes store. One teacher chose the Glencoe Geometry textbook and another chose a McGraw-Hill ebook. The principal then ordered a teacher ebook and several student ebook versions through ConnectEd. And then we ran into the issue: it seems that Apple doesn’t check to see if the ebook will be compatible with their devices. It is the consumer which must be aware this can be a problem.

Upon teacher installation of their ebooks, we found that most of the digital content was available (not videos, however) for the McGraw-Hill Science ebook and none of the Glencoe Geometry book was accessible. The teacher chose Glencoe because he had used it previously in his paper curriculum and was familiar with it. So he and I had to problem solve. We did find a solution, but it will cost us.

iSwifter is a browser that will convert Flash-based content into content that an iPad can access. One of my peeves with Apple is that their devices can’t read Flash content. For any Flash-content-textbook that Apple offers, we must use iSwifter to access. Users can install the app and have a week trial session, so don’t let the “Free” mislead you. The cost is $4.99 if you plan to implement.

Success – first issue resolved! Our costs are now at around $12 for apps. Now, if only the publishing companies would catch up to the mobile surge…or maybe someone out there is dealing with this in a different way? I’m all ears to advice.

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