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iPad Implementation 3 – Dropbox Rocks

Last week I showed the teachers how to use the iPad Notability app and they were instantly engaged with its functions. It was pretty exciting for me because as soon as they begin using some of its features, they shared different implementation aspects they would use  – and they were excited! As they threw out ideas of how to implement it with each other, I was forgotten as the leader / facilitator. These are the most gratifying moments for a teacher. 🙂

First week of school (1/2 week) rolled out and done; we’ve found our go-to for file and assignment management with Dropbox.

Using the Notability app on the iPad is both cheap and engaging. Students can diagram, upload images and diagram, and write in handwriting or text. They can also voice-over to the Note. Send settings allow the user to sync a note directly to a Dropbox file.

I’ve asked students to create a Dropbox folder for each course and share it with the course teacher using our Google Apps email addresses. Once the assignment is in the folder by the due date, the teachers can access it for grading, annotate on it if they need to, and assess. I’m really looking forward to seeing how well this works.

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