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Google Classroom Updates

Google continues to make extremely useful updates to their newer child, Classroom. I’ve been using Classroom for an online Technology for Teachers course activity since its release, and one particular need I had was to be able to move posts (announcements) around for a fresh semester’s use and also to recycle the content with a new date. Both are possible!

For example, I had an announcement from a previous semester that I want to use again this semester but I don’t want my preservice teachers confused when they see the date it was first posted – that’s a different semester! And I want it back up the top of the stream. To move a prior announcement up to the top, simply click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the post :MoveAnnouncementGClassroom

To reuse an announcement so that it has a current date instead of the date you first created it, click on the red  + button, then you choose the classroom and the announcement. This update means any announcement in any of your classrooms is usable – you now have a library of announcements to share wherever you please!


This means no more copying/pasting content in Classroom – a step eliminated that needed!


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