Behavior Managment

Elements of Game Play

ClassCraftStudents use gaming programs for entertainment, but did you know that these elements can be applied directly to engagement of your curriculum or your classroom management? How do the elements of gaming apply to learning?

  • Self-reflection
  • Critical thinking
  • Engagement
  • Collaborative tasks
  • Constant challenge with reward through practice (repeated failing) and unusual tasks
  • Safe space in the mode of learning (Don’t shoot the player while they’re learning audiocast)

Gamification in Education – Vicki Davis shares several informative resources to better understand best practices if you want to gamify your classroom.

Classcraft is a new tool available for teachers that applies gaming elements to classroom management: Transform any class into a role-playing game that fosters stronger student collaboration and encourages better behavior – Classcraft statement.   

Classcraft is free to teachers, so take a look now while it’s free and to have time to use it this fall. Purchase for access to more authentic and broader personalized use.


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