Class Tools

Alternative tools for Adobe / edit PDFs

Booksource’s Classroom Organizer–track your classroom’s book just like a librarian with this free, web-based program

BrainPop–this is a site worth its yearly subscription. You can use the extensive library of videos as bell ringers, time fillers, and unit openers.

Byki–a free tool for learning a new language

Calkoo–43 free online calculators

Cappex–college search and review database for high school teachers

Codeacademy–learn/teach HTML coding; there’s a fundamental course already set up for students, too

CodeHS–you will need to work alongside your students to teach Karel, the initial operating language, but students can progress further with peer support.–participate in the Hour of Code activities, Angry Bird, Flappy Bird. Start coding now!

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Diigo–social (and academic) bookmarking. Educators can have private accounts for students, too

Docs that Teach–National Archives has lots of online activities to help you teach history

EDpuzzle – make a video an assessment

ePals–a global network optimized for collaborative learning

EverNote–remember everything! It’s free and compatible with phones, computers and mobile devices

fontcapture–scan your handwriting and create your own digital font. Kids love this!

Free Wiki Space–by Wiki Tree

Free Online Graph Paper–makes all kinds of lined paper

Global SchoolNet–home to Doors to Diplomacy and International CyberFair

Global Virtual Classroom–offering a collaborative website contest and cultural exchanges for classrooms around the world

Glogster–don’t blog, Glog! Create posters and embed them in your website. Or have students create interactive posters about topics

Google Lit Trips–Google Earth literature trips that take the reader on a visual trip with the characters in the story

Google Apps for Education–make a school application to Google that allows you to control/restrict email domains with students and supplies all of the collaborative tools in Google (Docs, Sites, etc.)

Graphic Organizers–Thinkport offers 21 different organizers in 3 file types: HTML, PDF and Word

How To Search: Google Offers Free Online Courses

iEARN–International Education and Resource Network for collaborative learning

Kidblog–totally private blogging that does not require student email for registration. You create the blog classrooms with student usernames and passwords

Literature Map–the tourist map of literature. Type in an author’s name and it finds similar authors

Livestreaming–create your own live or video podcast home

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0–free software to download that allows you to write mathematical functions

More than Wordles–a terrific slide show that provides examples of creative ways to use Wordle (

Ten Other Word Cloud Generators–other competent text cloud generators you can use from M Gorman’s T & L Blog

Newsythe news with more views video newscasts

Notemaker–this online and interactive resource makes taking notes a snap!

OpenStudy–a 2.0 tool to Make the World Your Study Group

Page Breeze–free HTML editor, visual web

Poll Anywhere–no clickers, a roomful of cell phones and you want to poll your students? Problem solved with this online tool

Power Point Games–elementary multi-level games for the classroom

Preceden–the easiest way to make a timeline

Quest Atlantisan international learning and teaching project that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-16, in educational tasks.

Quest Garden–webquest examples, lessons, and links can be found here.

ReadPlease–text-to-speech software for Windows

Reed-Kellogg Diagrammer–2.0 tool that takes a sentence and diagrams it to create a perfect model.

Rosetta Stone–believe all the hype the Stone bestows on itself–it’s really true.

Scratchimagine, program, & share using a free programming tool.

Scribd–the world’s largest social publishing company.

Sharendepity–create games and let kids create games, too!

Slide–slideshows don’t get much easier or cooler to make than at this web-based resource.

Snappy Words–a visual thesaurus and dictionary showing word relationships. Just plug your word in the search bar and go! Suggestion: try the Beta full screen version to disarm the advertisements.

Socrative–Student Response System that uses any device. In beta form, but receiving lots of great press. Read more here.

Spicynodes–free concept mapping that links just like Glogster and is also collaborative.

SpiderScribe–concept mapping in the cloud. Users get 3 private maps and unlimited public maps with 3 Mb of file and images space.

Student Interactives–supplied by ReadWriteThink, this is an enormous database to apply interactive tools to your student’s technology & curriculum activities

ThinkQuestIntegrate learning projects into your classroom curriculum. Choose a topic, assign students, invite teachers, and collaborate with members around the world

The Virtual Greenhouse–students learn how light affects the growth of plants in this virtual simulation

TimeToast–create Web 2.0 topic time lines to share with the world

Voice Thread–make posts to share with students or colleagues, or let students make their own posts. Visit this thread to see an educator’s example.

Voki–make an avatar! Students will love this fun, free tool. You can make mini-pods and embed them to your website, too. That’ll get their attention!

Wizer – create almost any type of assessment/worksheet you desire or use one another teacher has already created and remix it to suit your purposes.

Wolfram Demonstration

Projects–a free resource of interactive visualizations

Virtual Chemistry Lab

Wordia–a games-based learning resource and video dictionary

Word It Out–very similar but not too similar to Wordle. It’s a refreshing choice to be able to make!

Xtimline–create a timeline effortlessly

Zendo–(beta) turn notes into flashcards the 2.0 way

Zunal–free WebQuest template maker “in the cloud.” Registration makes it possible to create links and upload pertinent images, and access teacher-created WQs


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