124 Sites for Free Children’s Books Online–great compilation of resources

150 Free Textbooks–all kinds of topics for free at OpenCulture and this site has lots of content beyond books

Amazon’s Free eBook Collection–download onto a Kindle or any device that supports a Kindle app

eBookFling–swap, borrow, lend ebooks (Kindle, Nook) for free!

Free Books Online for Teens and Young Adults–a compilation site with ebooks

The Year’s Best Digital Books for iPad–not free books, but the reviews here help determine your choice

We Don’t Need No Stink’n Textbooks–Tom Whitby’s thoughtful comments on the power of educators and open source learning.


BookRix–web your book. This is a great free publishing 2.0 resource to make your own textbooks!

Go Social Studies Goa series of multimedia books about common social studies topics.

Flat World Knowledge–free and open textbooks

FlexBook’s Ck-12 Algebra 1–free 12-chapter online resource

FlexBook–drag and drop what you want with FlexBook: save, edit, or publish in 3 different formats for web or print

Flipped Textbook–new platform, open opportunity for input. Check this out!

Getting to Know Digital Textbooks–the future in a paperless education has arrived–try out the lesson included at this link

Get ready for iTunes U for K12!–lots of new resources on the horizon

Open Culture free textbooks–free and educational media on the web

Open Culture free audio books

simplebooklet–create textbooks adaptable for any environment!

The Open Textbook Challenge–peruse what’s available now and submit for Challenge 2

Youblisher–try out this simple PDF-to-flippable book

Zinepal–online eBook creator–take a PDF and convert for tablets

And if you’re willing to pay…

Go Ed–apps and digital books for purchase

Kno–get a full cart of ISBN books


2 New Platform Alternatives to iBooks Author–hang on, e-publishing is about to explode

Getting to Know Digital Textbooks–the future in a paperless education has arrived

Print vs Digital Books–new study helps teachers decide

Why e-Books Will Be Much Bigger Than You Imagine


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