Images, Video, Music

How to Get Media Permissions

Image Resources

12 Must-Have Resources for Free Public Domain Images to Use in Class – from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

10 Inspirational Websites for Creating Your Own Customizable Logo Design–terrific resources for logo discussions

7 Good Screen Capture Tools for Teachers–from Free Technology for Teachers

A List of Best Free Tools to Create Animated Pictures–as always, note comments at the page end.

Advanced Image Search with Google–Linda Stacy shows how to find images easily for blog postings

Aviary Education–create a safe, private classroom to use the image, vector, and audio editor and music creator

Big Huge Labs–use your photos to create posters, badges, magazine covers, puzzles, etc…

Creative Commons–read authorship rights carefully and cite where required. Click here to access the CC public domain search bar

Digital Delights Image Editing–Ana Cristina Pratas’ collection

Free Digital Photos

FlockDraw–2.0 drawing tool for young students: simple and collaborative when students create an account

Foto Flexer–2.0 tool to flex your photo power

FreeFoto–student permissions with these, check use policies

GIMP–image manipulator that’s just like Photoshop

IrfanView–resize huge batches of photos effortlessly with this free software. It’s perfect for web developers!

Make A Gif–convert photos to animation, free!

Pickfull–free one click photo editing, great for the young student

Picnik–2.0 photo editing. This site works really well for uploading and adding text and images to a photo

Pics4Learning–Public Domain images

pixlr–online photo editor similar to Photoshop

Superlame–upload an image to this website, add a text balloon and create an instant cartoon

Tagxedo–Leung’s superb word cloud generator will knock their socks off!

Top Ten Sites for Creating Digital Art–Technology & Learning Advisor Blog

Music Resources

Free Technology for Teachers–Richard Byrne’s list of seven sources for free music, including  Vimeo Music Store

Free Music Games–from Smartboardmusic, this site has something for every age of music learner

Jamendo–free music files

JewelBeat–free royalty-free music and sound effects

Myna–create, mix, import and record your own digital files. This is a web-based app with free music resources for sound mixing

Opsound–free music. This Creative Commons site needs credit on your project when it’s used

Pandora Radio–free Internet radio. You can create your own station of favorite genres

SoundCloud–great sharing of audio files, share your sounds

Text and Voice

10 Free Text-to-Speech Tools–from Educator’s Technology, these resources are great for language teachers

Text to Picture–write text on any picture or choose image template to create signs, announcements, flags, etc.

QR Codes

Desktop QR Code Reader–for your PC

QR Codes in the Classroom–Free Technology for Teachers

SnapMaze QR Code Generator


47 Alternatives to YouTube by Free Technology for Teachers

Screenr–instant screencasts with no download necessary

VidCaster–build a video website

WatchKnowLearn–thousands of free, organized videos for educational uses

YouTube Channels



eHow Tech

Google Apps

Writing Through Art

YouTube for Schools–join the global classroom today


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