Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy revision v.3.01 by Andrew Churches, this PDf has examples of digital tools for each level

Cybraryman Internet Catalogue–embed technology into your lessons

Dhoozy–the latest ideas in eLearning designed for Australian schools

EDU 2.0–a free LMS/CMS in the cloud for schools  NEW!

Teaching and Learning with Social Media–a reflective case study conducted by José Picardo, Box of Tricks curator

Flip Your Classroomexplores the ways technology integration can allow teachers more flexibility in their classrooms. Blog by Catlin Tucker with some exceptional resources and Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts Flipping Your Classroom

Project Red-9 technology practices that improve education the most

TEDideas worth spreading: videos of riveting talks by remarkable people


Passwordbird--teach students how to make passwords they can remember with this generator tool


3 Purposes for Classroom Blogs–from Free Technology for Teachers Richard Byrne

7 Reasons Teachers Should Blog–Steve Wheeler lays it out and does it well

9 Steps to Create a Class Blog–follow Sue Waters’ Edublogger steps

Around the Corner–#1 on my Google Reader, Miguel Guhlin provides a continuous ed tech dialogue with links and resources

Classroom Blogs–advice from the masters; if you’re new to class blogging, this is a terrific resource (examples, tools) to get you started

Introduction to Blogging–by Edublogger

Moving At the Speed of Creativity–Wesley Fryer’s weblog


21st Century Skills Digital Library ePortfolio–go to 2-05 Electronic Portfolio in the right column

BYU’s Center for Teaching and Learning–visit the Tech Tips and check out the right panel for lots of resources

COFA’s Learning to Teach Online–this YouTube channel provides instructional strategies for the online teacher

Ed Life–the magazine of MU’s College of Education

Educator’s PLN–learn from the experts at this Ning site where you can add to the discussion as well

Edutopia–discussing “what works in education” site by the George Lucas Educational Foundation

Exploring the Picasa Interface–a video explaining functions of this free Google app

Free Technology for Teachers–a review of free technology resources

K-8 Lutheran Technology Curriculum–Capstone Project with a nicely structured site identifying and exampling NETS-S

Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers Workshop–nice activities for each tool to get your feet wet! Example of a Students Feedback Survey

ISTE–International Society for Technology in Education,where you can find NETS (National Education Technology Standards)

Landmarks for Schools–The Landmark Project. “You are your own best teacher.” –Jimmy Buffett

Launching an iPad 1:1 Program–from THE Journal, an thorough examination of needs to support such a program

NCTP–National Center for Technology Planning

NewBay Media–the company that brings you Tech & Learning, School CIO, and Tech Forum; access them here

PBS’s Frontline: Digital Nationlife on the virtual frontier: How to educate children for the digital age. You should definitely visit this resource!

Project Based Learning: Explained–this YouTube video lays out the simplicity of acting on opportunity

Resources for Going 1:1–from Wesley Fryer’s Moving at the Speed of Creativity

SIIA–Software & Industry Information Association, providers of educational content, services and software necessary to support U.S. education as it moves into the 21st Century

TeachHUB–New, recommendations and resources for teachers

Technology & Learning–a prescription for technology integration. Keep up with the latest news in educational technology

The Realities of K-12 Virtual Education–consider the policy implications–online courses are expected to almost double by 2014

Tech Skills Lesson Plans–use these helpful lesson plans to build your curriculum

The Theory Underlying Concept Maps–a very thorough explanation of concept maps and how to use them for meaningful learning

ThinkQuestIntegrate learning projects into your classroom curriculum. Choose a topic, assign students, invite teachers, and collaborate with members around the world


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