3 iPad Apps Offer Very Different Views of the World–nice info for comparisons using Google Earth, Natl Geographic and Stuck on Earth

6 Awesome Code Editors for iPads

8 Informative iPad Resources for Using the iPad in Education–visit these websites to follow and learn about great apps for classrooms

10 Incredible Apps for iPads in Education

10 Sites to use with Mobile Phones in Education–Tech Learning Advisor blog by David Kapular

10+ Mobile App Development Tools & Courses–something here for the novice and experienced

25 Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom–from Edudemic

50+ Resources & Tips for Mobile Learning–check this out!

Android 4 School–R Byrne’s newest site offering apps and device resources

Apps in Education–Greg Swanson’s blog with categories for your curriculum

App Inventor Resources–these resources go with the following link to help you teach students app creation

Bloomin’ Apps–Kathy Schrock has apps to support each of the levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Doceri–Creating Animations and Video on the iPad

Develop Your Own Apps–Android for Schools resource; you don’t need to write code

DisplayNote–coming soon to the USA, this app is being tested across Europe

Education Apps Review (iear)–a community effort to grade educational apps

eLearning Stuff–compilation of current tech

eSpark–made for the iPad, this resource helps educator evaluate the most effective apps to develop student learning based on individual needs

Everything iPads–

Excellent Printing Apps–for your iPad

Explain Everything–read this blog about the iPad app for videocasting

Getting the Most Out of Your iPad Keyboard–great shortcut, undocking tips here!

Great New Apps for Music, Middle School Math & More

GoSoapBox-classroom response system

How 1:1 Technology Is Making School More Real

How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom–read about iPad apps

iPads in Education

iPads in Schools-Livebinder–this is an enormous resource!

iPad Resources for the Classroom–from Connected Classroom

iPad Technology Timesavers for Teachers Apps–some great apps you’ll want to try

iPad and GoogleDocs Sucess

Learning & Teaching with iPads–blogstpot with diversity & resources

Load Up Your iPad with Free eBooks

MGuhlin’s Evernote collection of favorite iPad and peripheral resources

Middle School iPad Curriculum

Middle School iPad Apps at iPad in Education

Mobile Learningthe Who, the Why, and the What Now 

Moodle–the upgraded platform has made “Mobility Moodle’s middle name

Moodle and Web 2.0–great compilation of current resources specific to the Moodle community

Morfo–quickly turn a photo of your friend’s face into a talking, dancing, crazy 3D character!

Notability–the most useful iPad app for note-taking in class or a lab setting!

Outfit Your iPad Like an Ivy League Scholar–Princeton’s starter kit for research

Procreate–incredibly powerful iPad image creator app that exports to Adobe; rated a top 100 app

Reflection App–use this with your projector instead of Airplay and Apple TV

Socrative–create assessments on the fly and view the student surveys immediately. Follow their blog for tips on using SRS’s

SoundCloud–great sharing of audio files, share your sounds

Springpad–Springpad’s smart notebooks make it easy to save, share, and get things done

Storykit–create a readable, audio book on the iPad (free!)

The iPad As…a reader, creator, SRS, classroom manager, study tool, organizer, differentiator

Top 10 Things NOT to Do in an iPad 1:1 Initiative–read, consider, act

Web2PDF Online Widget–add PDF creation to your website or blog


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